Moose is a platform for software and data analysis.

It is an open source project since 1996. It is supported by several research groups around the world, and it is increasingly adopted in industrial projects.

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  • CodeCity is back in Moose
    12 March 20146:24:35 am by Tudor Girba
    Richard Wettel just announced that a new implementation of CodeCity is available on top of the lates...
  • Roassal2 teaser demo
    16 January 20149:00:54 am by Alexandre Bergel
    A teaser demo of the upcoming Roassal2 can now be found online:
  • Custom analyses made easy
    13 January 20147:04:59 am by Tudor Girba
    A new post on the humane assessment blog describes what makes makes Moose unique in its focus of hel...