Report issues

The issue tracker is hosted at:

How to report

When you post an issue, it will be marked as New, without an owner, and you will be registered as the reporter.

Please take some time to think about the tags Component and Type.

Component indicates which part/project of Moose is concerned. For example, you can choose: Famix, Moose-Core, Mondrian, etc.

Type is one of the following:

  • Type-Engineering = (Re)engineering the code base to enhance its quality
  • Type-Defect = Report of a software defect
  • Type-Enhancement = Request for enhancement
  • Type-Project = Long-term project or autonomous task not yet started
  • Type-Review = Request for a code review
  • Type-Other = Some other kind of issue

Engineering is for any activity related to maintenance, refactoring the source code, enhancing its quality, applying lint rules, conforming to source code regularities, etc.

Project is for long-term goals, description of future milestones or future projects, or even more small tasks which are somehow autonomous from the code base. Once a project has started, typically we close the issue and create a component label that is attached to all issues related to that particular project.

The lifecycle of an issue is as usual: New -> Accepted -> Started -> Fixed (or WontFix...)

For developers

When you start to tackle an issue, first edit it:

  • mark it as started
  • put your name as owner so that we know you are working on that
  • don’t forget to tag it as fixed once you have finished