External downloads

This page lists external downloads that are related to Moose.


Hapao is a test coverage tool for Pharo Smalltalk.

Download: http://hapao.dcc.uchile.cl/


Torch is a tool for supporting change integration for Monticello repositories.

Download: http://soft.vub.ac.be/torch/Download.html


Code City is an integrated environment for software analysis, in which software systems are visualized as interactive, navigable 3D cities.

Download: CodeCity for Windows and Mac OSX

Chronia.exe for Windows

Chronia is a tool to explore the CVS history of software systems. Chronia’s innovative Code Ownership algorithm allows you to explore how developers drive software evolution.

Download: Chronia.exe for Windows.


Softwarenaut is an interactive visualization tool for understanding software systems.

Download: http://www.inf.unisi.ch/phd/lungu/softwarenaut/