3.2 VW version

Image download

  1. Download the VisualWorks 7.6 non-commercial virtual machine dedicated to your operating system
  2. Download Moose Suite 3.2 (July 22, 2009)
  3. Unzip and run the .im file using the virtual machine
  4. Have fun, and let us know about it

Install from Store

  1. Install VisualWorks 7.7 Non Commercial by following the instructions on the Cincom download page.
  2. Open a visual.nc image
  3. Connect to SCG Store
    1. Choose ’Connect to Repository’ from the Store menu.
    2. Provide the following information in the dialog that pops up:
      • Interface: select PostgreSql from the dropdown box
      • Environment: db.iam.unibe.ch:5432_scgStore
      • User Name: storeguest (if you have one, put yours)
      • Password: storeguest (if you have one, put yours)
    3. Connect
  4. Access the SCG Store from the main menu: Store -> Published Items
  5. Load the Setup package for setting up the image
  6. Load the Moose Config package for loading Moose and related tools