Moose Tutorial at WCRE 2008

Date: Thursday October 16th, 2008
Location: Co-located with WCRE 2008, Antwerp, Belgium

This tutorial will complement FAMOOSr 2008 that will also be held at WCRE 2008, and the goal of the tutorial is to provide an introduction to Moose and FAMIX, and to provide an overview of their place in reverse engineering.

The roadmap of the tutorial is:

  • Moose as a tool: in this part we introduce various analyses that have been developed on top of Moose
  • Moose as an environment: in this part we describe the architecture of the Moose environment and the role of FAMIX family of meta-models
  • Moose as a research platform: in this part we present our experience of using and developing Moose in a research context
  • Moose in the future.

Below you can find the slides used during the tutorial: