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Various tools have been built around Moose. Some of these tools are distributed in the Moose Suite, and others are to be loaded separately.

The Moose Suite contains the following tools:

Moose Core contains among others the implementation of FAMIX, the Moose Finder, and the Smalltalk importer.
Fame meta-modeling engine
Metanool annotation engine
Fuel binary serialization engine
Mondrian engine for scripting visualizations
Roassal engine for scripting visualizations
EyeSee engine for scripting diagrams
Glamour engine for scripting interactive browsers
Moose Algos a collection of generic analysis algorithms
Petit Parser a framework for building parsers
Enriched DSM an algorithm and a set of visualizations for identifying dependency cycles
SmallDude an engine for duplication detection
Arki an engine for building reports
Merlin an engine for building user interface wizards
Kumpel a meta-model and an importer for SVN analysis
Glamorous Toolkit (GT) a set of tools for Smalltalk development

If you want your tool to be included in the suite, please Contact us.