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Glamour is an engine for scripting browsers.

It was originally built by Philipp Bunge as a validation for his Masters thesis, and Tudor Girba who actively maintains the current version. Andrei Vasile Chis worked on the Seaside renderer. Lukas Renggli created to the first version of the Seaside renderer, Jorge Ressia contributed to the core, and David Röthlisberger worked on the Morphic renderer.

Glamour received the 3rd prize at the ESUG Innovation Technology Awards 2009.

ESUG sponsors a project to create a Seaside interface for Glamour in 2010.


The Moose Book dedicates a chapter to Glamour.

Tudor Girba gave a podcast interview on Glamour.

Glamour comes with a built-in set of examples that can be browsed using a Glamour-based browser. You can get these examples by:

GLMBasicExamples open


A series of presentations are available here.


Glamour is shipped with the Moose Suite.

You can get the latest development version from the!/~Moose/Glamour repository.


  1. Philipp Bunge. Scripting Browsers with Glamour. Master's Thesis, University of Bern, April 2009. PDF 
  2. Philipp Bunge, Tudor Gîrba, Lukas Renggli, Jorge Ressia, and David Röthlisberger. Scripting Browsers with Glamour. European Smalltalk User Group 2009 Technology Innovation Awards, August 2009. Glamour was awarded the 3rd prize. PDF 

License: MIT