Moose Finder

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MooseFinder is the default Moose user interface for browsing large models. It was originally created by Tudor Girba.

Launching Moose Panel and Moose Finder

MoosePanel open

Opens a browser on MooseModel root. One can import new models from code or MSE, or opens a Moose Finder on a selected model.

Basic navigation in Moose Finder

  • Entity tab: displays the navigation links for the entity (#navigation: pragmas)
  • Property tab: displays properties (metrics) computed on the entity (#property:longName:description: pragmas)
  • MooseGroup or Collection: displays the list of entities in the group
    • select field (bottom text field): make a dynamic selection of entities from the collection
    • enter any valid Smalltalk expression where each or entity is bounds to item in collection one at a time
    • for example: type each numberOfThings >10 or entity numberOfThings > 10 and enter
  • Evaluator: evaluator pane. Type then select your script
    • hit Cmd+o to open a new pane with the result of the script
    • hit Cmd+/ to open an inspector with the result of the script

Contextual menu

right click opens a menu with actions populated with #menuItem: or #menuItem:category:

Other panes

appear based on the type of the entity

License: MIT