Chronia is a tool to explore the CVS history of a software system, featuring a visualization that shows who owned which files at which time in a system’s evolution.

Chronia has been written by Mauricio Seeberger in 2006 as his Master’s thesis.

Chronia in a Nutshell

On the visualization below, the X-axis is time and on the Y-axis are files. The circles are commits and the colors show authors. When a line is colored, at that time, most of the file was written by the according author (ie code ownership).


Special care has been taken to order the file axis. Dendrogram Seriation is an algorithm to sort time series by similarity, its is based on clustering, metric spaces and Hausdorff distance. The algorithm reveals patterns in file history and code ownership.

We present a measure for code ownership and a distance between files regarding their commit history (using Hausdorff distance). In our research, we identified a taxonomy of common development patterns, such as Monologue, Dialog, Aggressive Takeover, Edit, and Bugfix.


Chronia is available as Window executable: Chronia.exe for Windows


Chronia is currently maintained by Adrian Kuhn. Please drop a mail to

License: BSD